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adapt laser systems offers state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions. We focus purely on laser cleaning, and are the only manufacturer that offers fiber-coupled, compact, mobile or stationary laser cleaning units, with 20 to 1000 watts of laser power for a wide-range of applications.

Our laser systems are widely used in a variety of industries and are designed to operate 24/7. The adapt laser cleaning systems are no experimental one-time units. We take pride in offering a reliable technology as a standardized product. Our laser systems are being used by leading companies and government agencies. Over 450 sold laser cleaning units demonstrate our capabilities.

A big part of our expertise is in the optimization of laser cleaning parameters. We use our laser lab to prove our technology and to validate the laser process on samples provided by our customers. The lab includes lasers from 50W to 500W and various robotic systems. We will ensure that or laser can do the job required.

Our modular laser systems allow for customer specific solutions at reasonable cost. We are specialized in industrial laser systems and can provide turnkey solutions.

Clean Lasersyteme in Germany, a world leader in laser cleaning technology, has joined in an exclusive partnership with adapt laser systems to provide first class laser technology and service to the North American market.

robot tire web.jpg

Multi axis robot in our laser lab.


Various different lasers and optics are available for testing.



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