Laser surface preparation in the Aerospace industry

Paint removal and Tool cleaning for composites

The biggest market for laser cleaning in the aerospace industry are mold cleaning and paint removal.

The removal of paint or contaminants from aircrafts or aircraft parts is one the most challenging tasks in the industry.
Adapt laser systems are being used to solve this problem in the aviation industry, since laser energy has only a minimal impact on the substrate and leaves no residue behind. We offer mobile systems for maintenance applications at the aircraft or stationary systems for individual components.

All major AC paint removal methods, ie. chemical stripping or plactic media blasting can only be used on 95 % of the AC surface area. Our mobile handheld laser systems can be used to remove the paint of the remaining 5 % surface area. The US Air Force is currently approving our laser system for the use on their F-16 and C-130 aircraft.

Please see also our page for composite mold cleaning.


Grounding contacts on wing components.


INVAR tool cleaning with CL500


Seven CL300 lasers for Hill AFB


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