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Automated laser surface preparation

Great for clutch components or brake pads

adapt laser systems are ideal to clean and create a micro roughness in one step. The laser can remove contaminants and oxides while creating a rough surface.

This feature is used in the powertrain industry, where the laser prepares clutch plates prior to the bonding of the friction material to the metal carrier plate.

It is one main benefit of the laser cleaning that the laser does not add abrasive media to the plate (such as Aluminum Oxide from the conventional abrasive blasting process).

Laser brake pad backplate cleaning allows for a fast and very cost effective way to remove contamination on brake pad backplates prior to the coating process.
Scorching or other production processes with heat impact to the metal brake pad backplate create oxide products, which need to be removed prior to coating the plates. Laser brake pad cleaning is the superior alternative to conventional surface preparation methods, i.e. sand blasting, to clean the backplate surface.


Surface roughening and cleaning in one step on clutch plate.


Automated system to clean brake pads prior to coating.


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