Optic OSH 50

Versatile Optic

The OSH 50 optic is the standard optic for our mid power laser. It offers a beam width of up to 2 in. and is lightweight. All laser parameters are controllable from the optic. The optic features an integrated suction channel and safety trigger.

Technical data
Weight:4 lbs


  • Bulletpointpower sensor
  • Bulletpoint integrated suction channel
  • Bulletpoint safety trigger
  • Bulletpoint E-Stop
  • Bulletpoint short nozzle
  • Bulletpoint water cooled
  • Bulletpoint up to 2 in. beam width
  • Bulletpoint LED lights
  • Bulletpoint impact resistant design


  • Bulletpointroller nozzle
OSH50_03 back.jpg
osh50 storage.jpg


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