Deposited Coating Removal

Laser cleaning is the most effective, safest, and the only environmentally friendly method of removing PVD, CVD, and MOCVD coatings from both chambers and parts. With the coatings process becoming more and more prevalent across all industries, Adapt Laser has been able to prove solutions exist to these common and uncommon coatings that need cleaned. The cleaning process will capture all the coatings during the removal process to keep the air pure – meaning there are no added dangers either.

Where blasting is typically both a cumbersome and dangerous process to parts and chambers, laser cleaning is capable of safely removing the coatings from both metallic and non-metallic substrates without damage. Further, when laser cleaning is done, that is it – no bake out, no clean-up, no next steps. Put the parts into the next steps and go.

Both our handheld and automated laser cleaning solutions are capable of providing the same results – which is appropriate for your application will be dependent on how well the lasers work for you and what is required to keep up with your operation.