The right size laser for each application - from 12 to 1000 Watt.

We offer a broad portfolio of laser systems ranging from super mobile backpack mounted 20 W units to powerful and portable 1000 W handheld lasers, the most powerful available hand-held laser anywhere.



The cleaner clean - Laser Cleaning

ADAPT LASER SYSTEMS is the market leader for laser cleaning and laser surface preparation.

We have been the laser cleaning experts since 2003 and have over 1,000 laser systems installed worldwide. Laser cleaning technology provides a safe, environmentally friendly and very cost effective way to improve cleaning, surface preparation and paint removal processes.

adapt laser systems offers industrial grade laser surface preparation technology, which can be used handheld or is easy to automate and can be integrated into existing manufacturing lines.

The adapt laser technology removes contaminants, production residue and coatings without damaging the substrate.

The laser cleaning systems combine power and versatility with the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods.Our laser cleaning systems are being used by leading companies and government agencies to laser treat surfaces or remove paint. We offer a variety of off-the-shelf units, suiting most laser cl
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