Cleaning Lasers

Laser technology distributes thousands of focused laser pulses per second onto contamination layers, which makes it an ideal way of blasting them away. That said, not all layers are made of the same components. Rust and corrosion are different from paints and oils. Using lasers to weld is not the same as using them to clean. This is why we provide different laser cleaning solutions that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

At Adapt Laser, we make our own laser systems, specifically designed for cleaning. We offer products with a range between 20 and 1,000 watts, and all of them provide unmatched results, with zero greenhouse emissions, no waste, and are fully safe for your employees.

Whatever Your Needs, We Have a Laser for It

Removing rust and corrosion is not the same as removing layers of dirt and grime. Cleaning metals for welding is not the same as cleaning limestone. No matter your specific needs, we have a laser solution that will work for you.


Our handheld laser cleaning options are optimized for small projects that require a targeted focus.

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Low Power Cleaning Lasers

Low power cleaning lasers are perfect for targeted area cleaning, small products, or any application where gentle cleaning is required.

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Mid Power Cleaning Lasers

Mid power cleaning lasers are designed to clean moderate-sized areas with the flexibility of our robust optics – typically used for mold cleaning, oxide removal, and aircraft paint removal.

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High Power Cleaning Lasers

Our high power cleaning lasers are designed to deliver performance for larger areas and thick coatings – which is why the military loves it.

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Laser Processing Cells

Laser processing cells allow customized automation for small to large-sized parts with a repeatable, quick, and laser safe option.

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Customized Laser Cleaning Solutions

Customized Laser Solutions for Unique Needs

If your organization has a particular demand that’s unique, Adapt Laser can still design an exclusive, customized cleaning solution. By working with our partner, cleanLASER, robotics companies, automation integrators, and many more, we’re able to deliver custom solutions to many one-of-a-kind applications.

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