Custom Laser Cleaning Systems

From low-powered systems designed to provide powerful cleaning in small areas to high-powered solutions that absorb thick contaminants like rust — laser cleaning systems provide a range of uses for your products. That’s why no two lasers are ever really the same — because they shouldn’t be. Someone needing a laser for historic restoration will likely not need the same laser required for mold cleaning, and vice versa. By customizing your laser cleaning system, we can ensure you get the best cleaning laser for the job.

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Our laser solutions use optics to direct and shape a beam of laser light. This beam shape — either flat-top or Galician — pulses to absorb and remove contaminants effectively without impacting the substrate of your product. By adjusting the optics, we can control the spot size and energy per pulse. Our goal is to tweak the laser solution so that you can clean your products without crossing the damage threshold. This ensures — when properly used — that your product will never be damaged or break down during the cleaning process. And, because the laser light absorbs hazardous contaminants, you won’t require a secondary cleaning process.

While each laser is custom built to fit your needs, there are some commonalities that may need routine maintenance and replacing. The most common parts are:

  • Water chiller coolant
  • Water filters
  • Protection window — requires daily cleaning
  • Desiccant


Our laser systems come in a variety of wattages based on your needs. These wattages are typically categorized into three different groups: low-, mid-, and high-powered. But, in addition to the different categories, you have different functionality options when it comes to choosing the right laser for your needs. We offer both handheld and automatic options — including lasers designed for enclosed areas.


Low-powered doesn’t equate to ineffective. In fact, our low-powered laser solutions provide a gentle, high-precision cleaning perfect for historic restoration, de-coating, and small treatment areas. It uses short pulses of laser light and has the same intensity as other powered cleaners, but is ideal for products such as:

  • Historic buildings
  • Small automotive parts
  • Rubber/Injection molds
  • Military equipment — for bonding and welding treatments
  • Any application where gentle cleaning is required


Our mid-powered laser has a quicker cleaning rate and allows for larger surface area cleaning. From mobile to stationary options, our mid-powered laser solutions are digitally controlled and user-friendly. Each laser is controlled from their supporting optics system and is perfect for:

  • Oxide or lubricant removal prior to welding
  • Targeted corrosion removal on aircraft wings
  • Composite and tire molds
  • Historic restoration
  • Paint removal on aircraft


From handheld to automatic, our high-powered laser solutions are some of the most powerful on the market. The application is easy to use and features a touch-screen display and real-time controls. It produces larger amounts of energy per pulse of laser light, making it ideal for industrial use and:

  • Eliminating corrosion from metals
  • Hazardous coating removal
  • Pre-treatment of welding seams
  • Nuclear decontamination
  • Cleaning prior to NDI


Our custom laser solutions are built specifically for your project. To determine which application will work optimally, we’ll ask you a variety of questions regarding your project and what you’re looking to accomplish, including:

  • General size, area, and geometry of the parts needing to be cleaned
  • Material substrate(s)
  • Coating/contaminant type and thickness
  • Current cleaning type, rate, and cycle
  • Desired cleaning rate
  • Previous processing steps in the part lifecycle
  • Next steps after cleaning
  • Operational details surrounding the laser process

Once we know your initial requirements, we’ll test your product in our lab to determine the right laser for your needs — both from a technical and operational standpoint. Our goal is to help you accomplish the desired result. To find the right laser cleaning system for your needs, contact our team to begin the sales process.