100w lightCASE on the floor with the OSH20 optic

100W lightCASE: Corrosion Removal In High Places

THE CHALLENGE To laser clean an active chiller that had developed a large amount of corrosion—enough to question the integrity of the underlying metal—prior to inspection and repair. The problem? This particular chiller was located on the 57th floor of a downtown Charlotte, North Carolina high-rise and included a lengthy amount of overhead work in […]

Historic conservation project photo of general shepherd's statue half laser cleaned

Historic Conservation of Bronze War Statue

In the town of Westfield, Massachusetts stands the statue of General William Shephard—a United States Representative and military officer—who protected the Springfield Armory during Shay’s Rebellion in the height of the Revolutionary War. Over the years, Shephard’s statue along with others in the area, had began to build up large amounts of corrosion making it […]

long, short, and roller nozzle on an optic table

Superior Suction: Interchangeable Nozzles

One of the biggest advantages laser cleaning has over its more traditional competitor—media blasting—is its lack of cleanup and coinciding environmental friendliness. Our ablation process involves suction and filtration as the method of capture and disposal for contaminants, and we take special consideration for hazardous gases and fumes. But how can suction options differ and […]

service tech stands at keypad in front of large Cleancell laser

Post-Installation Support

Like any other large piece of machinery, your laser cleaning system will need routine servicing and general maintenance to ensure optimal performance. To help with this, we take our post-installation support seriously and have tailored service contracts that include guaranteed response times and critical spares on-site. Because not all companies need the same level of […]

quick disconnect attached to resonator

The Quick Disconnect Feature

Until recently, a broken fiber optic would mean an immediate and unavoidable cease in laser operations. Your laser cleaning system would be out of commission until one of our trained laser service technicians could perform a fiber swap. Due to the fiber optic’s fragility, a fiber swap can take upwards of 10 hours—even when done […]

view of beamswitch

Beam Switch: Two Optics, One Resonator

Depending on your application, your laser cleaning system will operate using either a handheld or an automated optic. Both optics have their own benefits and limitations, and determining the right optic will be important to get the best treatment for your substrate. Handheld optics offer advanced mobility and allow you to adjust and maneuver around […]

umbilical housing unit with cables flared out

Umbilical Housing Breakdown

To supply lasers that function in different environments and offer full mobility, we’ve worked on optimizing protective housing for internal components. This includes the umbilical housing that holds the fiber optic, coolant supply, and signal cables.  Our umbilical housing has stood out over competitors because of the advanced protection it offers—most specifically for the fragile […]

Virtual Lab Demonstration for Pre-Weld treatment

Virtual Lab Benefits

Since opening our doors at our Kansas City location, we’ve invited customers to come and do an on-site visit to our applications lab as a first step to purchasing a laser cleaning system. When COVID-19 limited travel and forced many companies to close their doors to the public, we knew we had to quickly implement […]

Laser Cleaning for Fiberglass Molds

Laser Cleaning for Fiberglass Molds

Laser ablation is one of the best cleaning solutions for metal molds. It effectively removes sticky and thick contaminants for uniform results, time and time again. Not only can laser systems be automated to promote mass production, but they’re also quicker than some abrasive alternatives. But, are laser cleaning solutions the most practical and effective […]

safe non-toxic hazardous coating removal alternative

Safe, Non-Toxic Hazardous Coating Removal Alternative

Laser cleaning technology is considered one of the safest alternatives for hazardous coating removal, bonding and welding treatment, and other contaminant removal processes. That’s because laser ablation requires very little PPE and makes disposal of hazardous waste a breeze. But, what makes it so safe? And, why is it the ideal solution for most hazardous coating removal? […]

aerospace cleaning mistakes

Common Aerospace Cleaning Mistakes

Performance and reliability are the backbone of the aerospace industry. Oftentimes, however, methods of cleaning aircraft and preparing them for coating and bonding are stuck in the past. Despite being at the cutting edge of flight technology, many aerospace companies have failed to take advantage of modern advances in parts cleaning that can save them […]