From cleaning the pyramids to rocket ships, our state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions are trusted by over 1,700 organizations worldwide including the defense, military, aerospace, automotive, and power generation industries.

What can we help you clean?

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Outsource Your Parts Cleaning with Our Laser Cleaning Job Shop

While cost-effective from an operational standpoint, not every business case justifies purchasing a cleaning laser. We get it. That’s why we provide a way for you to send your product to us for cleaning without the long-term investment of buying your own laser system. Our team of laser experts will work with you to determine the best way to integrate laser cleaning into your operation. We’ll clean your parts, and you can continue to deliver high quality products for your industry.

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How Does Laser Cleaning Work?

Our laser technology clears away contaminants and coatings on any type of surface – without affecting the integrity of the surface. This is done through a process called laser ablation, which removes almost anything that absorbs laser light: rust or oils from automotive parts, paint from aircraft, heavy duty coatings from tanks/ships, or even sugar from baking plates.

How Laser Cleaning Works

What are the benefits of laser cleaning?

There are several benefits of using laser technology to clean your most prized assets:

  • Highest quality cleaning available
  • No consumables, media, chemicals, or leftover residue
  • Creates a safer environment for your employees
  • Environmentally friendly
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