PVD Coating Removal Alternative

Laser Ablation: A PVD Coating Removal Alternative

PVD coatings are physical — or plasma — vapor depositions and are commonly used on solar panels and watches to prevent scratching, but it can also be used for more industrial solutions. The military uses it to protect equipment from harsh elements, and the aerospace industry uses it on their rockets. Because PVD coatings are […]

Laser Cleaning Baking Plates

Laser Cleaning for In-Line Baking Plates

From metallic baking trays and molds to conveyors, the food products manufacturing industry faces oil, grease, and other deposits regularly. Media blasting solutions can remove these contaminants, but they can also damage the products and — in some cases — leave a thin layer of contamination behind. This, among the long duration of use, can […]

Laser Cleaning Print Roller

Laser Cleaning for Printing Rollers

Printing rollers can be used in a variety of ways — from the newspaper sector to the wallpaper manufacturing industry. Regardless of how they’re used, one thing remains the same: printing rollers must be cleaned, or they will underperform. But, cleaning these printing rollers isn’t always easy. They often have unique geometries that make it […]

Laser Cleaning for CARC

Laser Cleaning for Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings

Laser cleaning solutions are designed to safely and effectively absorb into and remove contaminants using thousands of laser pulses per second. From rust and oxides to hazardous coatings, laser systems are ideal for removing surface material from targeted areas without impacting the substrate. But, what about thick, dangerous, and hard-to-remove chemical resistant coatings? HOW DOES […]

How Do Lasers Clean Pulse, Scan, Move

How Do Lasers Clean? Pulse, Scan, Move

Laser ablation is the process of removing contaminants using thousands of laser pulses per second. But, how does it work? Why pulses? Wouldn’t a steady stream of laser light work more efficiently? Understanding what causes our laser solutions to work is the key to learning how to leverage its power for your cleaning, bonding, and […]