Coronavirus Updates from Adapt Laser

Coronavirus Updates from Adapt Laser

As regulations for how to respond to COVID-19 change and become more socially restricting, the team at Adapt Laser is doing everything in its power to make this time easier and more convenient for customers. In conjunction with the Stay-at-Home Order governing our corporate headquarters, effective March 24th, our personnel will be required to work remotely, and our offices will be closed with no shipping/receiving abilities.

This order is currently scheduled to remain in effect until April 24th, however, that may be modified as circumstances change. In this new environment, we are here to support all the facets of our business as best as we can. That’s why we’re implementing changes to help support our customers.


Our commitment to providing quality services has not changed — our Remote Support Plan is now free to our customers until May 1, 2020. Whatever your questions and concerns, give us a call, and we’ll provide the same timely guidance you would expect at any other time, but 24 hours a day. Our remote support plan includes:

  • 2-hour phone response times, 24/7
  • Remote diagnostics and login capabilities on
  • Equipment with your IT permissions
  • Access to a service support hotline (normally a paid service, this fee has been waived for the next month to support your business)


Potential customers that wish to learn more about our unique laser cleaning solutions can still contact us via the contact form. Our sales team is able to support you in evaluating your applications and discussing how best we may assist you. When we resume normal operations, we can discuss how to test further when restrictions are eased.

For customers already in contact with us, please discuss directly with your POC to determine how best Adapt Laser will be able to support your needs.


Teka Filter Units will be available to ship after the travel restrictions are lifted. Until then, please contact us with technical issues that may arise, and we will work to provide a solution.


For all Accounts Receivable or Payable items, please call our office or email the appropriate email list: OR If there is anything we can do to assist you during this time, please contact us via our phone line or at As always, please check back for more updates as the situation evolves further.