Welding/Brazing Preparation

In order to have durable, low porosity welds or brazed joints, each of the components must be pristinely cleaned prior to welding. Laser cleaning technology allows you to prepare surfaces for these processes allowing the joining process to occur with much higher quality and strength – not to mention far quicker.

Laser cleaning removes residues such as oils, grease, dry lube, and contaminant oxides from aluminum, titanium, and other types of metals. It is also able to remove the coatings in the joining area without damaging the underlying substrate.

Our systems can also be fully integrated into existing production processes or used in an ad hoc fashion with our handheld solutions. Also, the lasers can do all of the following:

  • Remove oil, grease, and other contaminants
  • Remove the coatings for better joining
  • Localized and precise surface preparation of components
  • Remove contaminant oxide or corrosion layers
  • Create superior connections
  • Reduce weld porosity