Nuclear Decontamination

Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional blasting methods  for radiological decontamination. Our handheld solutions are able to decontaminate layers of contaminant oxides on metal and concrete surfaces, removing hazardous residue without resulting in additional waste.

Adapt Laser offers blasting technology that is efficient and gentle enough to clean metals, potentially below the contamination threshold required for recycling. Thanks to our partnership with cleanLASER, we can provide you with flexible technology configurations for stationary and handheld applications that are proven and ready for this difficult task.

A laser ablates on a metal part for a nuclear decontamination applicationHOW LASER CLEANING FOR NUCLEAR DECONTAMINATION WORKS

Laser ablation for nuclear decontamination works by sending high-powered laser pulses into the contaminated surface, turning the pollutants into gas or removing them through pressure that is created by the laser light. Laser cleaning of radioactive surfaces is performed layer-by-layer alongside a vacuum designed to absorb any harmful material remains of the cleaning process. Laser cleaning is an ideal solution both for nuclear decommission and regular maintenance of nuclear facilities.

Success Story: Radiology Decontamination


  • Avoids equipment contamination using simple techniques
  • Does not create radiological mixed waste
  • Offers a new option to reduce dose rates
  • Decontamination factor of up to 100%
  • Reduction of secondary hazardous waste
  • Nearly zero harm to base material and surrounding equipment


Our mid and high-power laser cleaning systems are ideal for nuclear power plant applications and provide other specific benefits, including:

  • A safe way to remove lead-based paints
  • Reduces fixed and loose surface contamination
  • Doesn’t introduce contaminants into the air
  • Capable of cleaning a wide range of materials
  • Excellent for cleaning and surface prep for NDI testing
  • Produces a clean, pure surface for metal-to-metal contact for welding


Laser ablation is one of the safest methods of media cleaning, but only when used properly. That’s why Adapt Laser provides safety training with the purchase of our laser solutions. You’ll learn the ins and outs of your new solution and how to keep your applications and employees safe.

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Using laser ablation for nuclear decontamination has been a major success in the field of emerging technology. Traditional forms of cleaning radiologically-contaminants create mixed waste and contaminate other objects, which must then be disposed of through a complex and burdensome process. Laser cleaning is able to remove the contaminated layer without creating any additional waste. This means a safer working environment for operators as well as less impact on the environment. Laser cleaning can also improve operational efficiency by reducing downtime and ensuring more consistent cleaning throughout the plant.


Anything related to nuclear energy requires the utmost care and precision. It is, therefore, extremely important to choose a cleaning option that can deliver safe and reliable results without creating harmful waste. Laser cleaning has proven incredibly effective in this space, since it is able to clean at a high level of efficiency (up to a 100% decontamination factor) and produce no secondary waste. Our cleaning lasers can be outfitted as either handheld options or automated systems, depending on the requirements of your project. Talk to one of our cleaning laser specialists to determine if laser technology is well-suited for your nuclear decontamination project.

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