Passivation Treatment

Typical passivation treatments are extensive, time-consuming, and impact your entire product, but our passivation treatment is a custom solution that only impacts specific, targeted areas. And, it prevents corrosion from occurring underneath the bonds. This makes it optimal for structural bonding in the automotive and aerospace industries.


Unlike typical passivation, which is a chemical process that impacts an entire product, our passivation treatment interacts with targeted areas of the surface. Our laser solutions target the topmost layers of the substrate in a specific area. The laser emits a high-intensity laser pulse onto the targeted area — causing the top few microns to remelt and restructure into a corrosion-resistant surface.

As a result, the oxide layer that is formed prevents corrosion from both occurring and creeping into the target area. While most metals create a natural oxide anyway, our systems speed up this process in a targeted area to build a barrier against corrosion. Think of it as a microscopic crystalline defense that protects your products from rust and other corrosive processes. Without our laser systems, this crystalline protective shielding doesn’t build a barrier in the same way — leaving your targeted area vulnerable.


Our Passivation treatment works best for lightweight materials. It’s perfect not only for bonding preparation but also for ensuring batteries or other components are sealed when bonded to prevent creep corrosion. In addition to targeting specific areas, our solution:

  • Resists atmospheric corrosion around the bonded area
  • Reduces the impact of saltwater corrosion
  • Creates stronger bonds
  • Extends the lifespan of the bond
  • Improves the quality of the bonded area
  • Saves money


At Adapt Laser, we have a dedicated lab created to test, validate, and determine the best laser cleaning solution for your assets. This allows us to narrow down the technology that may work best for you, and begin the cleaning process with full confidence that the type of laser and laser power we utilize provide you with the exact results you need.

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