The True Cost of Remote Support

laser remote support

When you purchase a laser solution from Adapt Laser, you’re also offered the opportunity for remote support services. How quickly or often you get this support is based on your unique needs and is typically outlined in your contract. The more support you need, the more you’ll likely pay, but the true cost of remote support isn’t the cost of the service itself but includes the cost-savings that you’ll receive by utilizing this service. So, what is the true cost of remote support? And, what operating disasters can it help you mitigate?


Your laser system is integrated with a sensor that will alert you when it detects issues with your laser solution. Most errors, you should be able to troubleshoot on your own to resolve. But sometimes, the answer isn’t so obvious. By utilizing our remote support services, you can get assistance troubleshooting your error message and potentially prevent an in-person visit from one of our technicians.

We also offer remote connection abilities that can help us see the equipment in real-time. With TeamViewer, we can see what you see. So when your laser system is displaying an error message, we can prepare to assist — whether it’s creating an order if the alert requires new filters, protection windows, or other parts to resolve or offering troubleshooting steps to fix it. If the problem can’t be solved remotely, we’ll schedule a time for our technician to visit.



If your equipment stops working, production and profits stop with it. In these moments, Adapt Laser’s remote support team is able to connect to your equipment and guide you through the right way to minimize this downtime. Our team can pull up the equipment, evaluate what your root issues may be, and begin addressing the problem. With our recommended spare parts on hand in your facility, your team may be able to get the laser working in minimal time. No matter your root cause, having your equipment connected allows us to support you in your time of need and minimize downtime.


If something goes wrong with your laser cleaning solution that isn’t easy to troubleshoot, our technicians can visit your facility to help pinpoint the problem and fix it. With remote support, we can save time and money for our customers by accomplishing this virtually without being present. We’ll troubleshoot the problem beforehand and have a few fixes ready to implement on-site — ordering parts beforehand when needed.

Once on-site and with a first-hand visual of what you’re experiencing, we can likely resolve your problem with the parts and tools we’ve prepared and brought with us. This not only saves you valuable money in downtime, but it also saves time in ordering additional parts and returning for additional on-site visits.

Without remote support — and depending on the conditions of your contract — additional downtime may be experienced waiting for our technician to be available to visit your facility. And, without some visual of your equipment and the error message you’re receiving, the likelihood of our technician having the exact part needed to get your solution operational is less likely.


Your laser cleaning solutions are customized to fit your exact needs, but sometimes you may experience a decrease in quality. This can occur from a variety of factors — from parts needing maintenance to operational issues. These quality hiccups can cause your parts to be rejected, need secondary steps, the production line to slow down, or many other issues as you attempt to preserve the quality of cleaning needed.

With our remote support, we can weigh in quickly and save you money in the costs of defects, downtime, on-site visits, and more. We can begin to identify why your laser system isn’t working correctly and suggest quick fixes — such as cleaning the optic window — to get your solution back to producing optimal results. This saves you money in production downtime as well as improves the cost per hour of your operations.


While most of these problems can be resolved with routine maintenance and upkeep, that doesn’t mean that a worst-case scenario can’t occur. Monitoring your protection window, ensuring your fibers don’t bend, and regularly replacing filters should negate most risks to your laser system. But, connecting your equipment to our team using remote support services can help you identify these problems sooner so that you experience less downtime. This — without considering the cost of repair or replacing equipment — can already save you thousands of dollars in preventable extended downtime.

In those cases that remote support can pinpoint parts needing attention, you’re likely to save thousands of dollars in on-site visits, replacement, shipping, and downtime costs. With remote monitoring, you’re saving even more because those errors are identified by our team and resolved more quickly. That’s why investing in a remote support plan that works for your needs is crucial to optimizing your production and maximizing profits. Contact our team today to ensure you have the right remote support for your project.


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