Laser Wire Stripping


In the world of electric vehicles, it is often the sleek designs and high-tech accoutrements that catch the eye of the public. However, one of the more exciting recent developments in electric car manufacturing is something often hidden to the casual consumer — improvements in wire stripping. Laser ablation technology is now being used to improve the efficiency of removing coating from copper wire in the manufacturing process. But how does laser wire stripping work, and what are the benefits of this new technology for manufacturers and suppliers?


Laser wire stripping works as the coated wire is being fed from the coil. It is integrated into the manufacturing process and strips the coating from the wire in precise increments that create i-pins, which are then used to form stator windings for electric vehicles and equipment. This wire stripping is done pre-welding/soldering in order to ensure a precise and consistent weld. Because the laser coating removal does not damage the copper underneath, there is no loss in electrical efficiency from the stripping process.

To perform these precise wire-stripping operations, the cleaning laser uses wireLINE optics, which are specially designed for these purposes. With a single laser beam, they use advanced mirror optics to direct the beam around every side of the wire. This allows for a highly efficient stripping process that uses minimal energy for its output.


Traditionally, manufacturers have relied on chemical solvents and mechanical methods of paint stripping for copper wire. These methods, while effective, often produce inconsistent results and can slow down production. Laser technology, however, has several benefits over these conventional methods, such as:

  • Faster than any other cleaning system on the market (with a possibility of up to 0.6 seconds per part)
  • On-the-fly, four-sided wire cleaning
  • No stopping or starting required during process
  • No reduction in copper cross section, which means no loss in efficiency
  • Fulfills all quality requirements for OEMs as well as Tier 1 suppliers
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Integrated into manufacturing process


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