3 Signs Your Laser Solution is Overheating


From a humid, outdoor working area to a cool, air-conditioned room inside, our laser solutions are designed to function in a range of environments. Yet, despite being designed for a range of elements, failing to maintain the system can cause the laser system to become damaged. As with other tools, our laser systems require some maintenance to ensure it works optimally. For instance, failing to maintain the laser solution can cause overheating — which can be catastrophic. What is overheating, and what are some of the warning signs that it’s happening?


Overheating occurs when the heat is not moved from sensitive areas of the laser solution — potentially causing either damage or irregular results. When it comes to overheating, there are two things to consider: operational and environmental factors. Typically, the laser energy used during the laser ablation process is transported through an optic. When the optic beam, mirror, or lens quality degrades or becomes damaged, then the energy output through the optic is impacted. When left unresolved, this leads to a variety of issues — from impacting the effectiveness of the clean to damaging your product or solution.

In addition, elevated temperatures can cause the laser system to operate differently. An increase in humidity requires desiccant packs to be changed more frequently and can impact the laser system if it was initially designed for a different environment. Even moving the laser to a different location within your facility can make a difference. That’s why it’s important to follow maintenance protocols. Fortunately, there are early warning signs that can tell you when your system is beginning to overheat.

3 Signs Your Laser Solution is Overheating


The most obvious sign that your laser solution is experiencing overheating is if your monitoring sensor reports an issue. Our system monitoring solutions will alert your operators to a potential issue before it becomes a problem. It will also identify the part that needs maintenance, so you can eliminate the guesswork from your troubleshooting. Monitoring software is built into every system. This allows us to monitor and look at the data ahead of time to identify issues before they ever arise — saving you valuable time.


Before and after each use, you should monitor your protection window and assess for damage. Is the window dirty, cracked, or has the anti-reflective coating worn away? If so, overheating could be occurring, and your optic could be compromised. If you’re operating the laser solution while the optic is unprotected, then you’ll increase the chance of the optic itself becoming damaged — leading to repairs or a full rebuild of your laser solution, in some cases.

If your protection window is dirty, you can simply clean it using the instructions provided during training. But, if the window is cracked or if the anti-reflective coating has worn away, then you’ll need to order a replacement. Since the laser solution shouldn’t be operated while the window is cracked or damaged, it’s beneficial to have an extra protection window in storage if that should occur. This minimizes downtime and protects your product from the effects of overheating.


During use, you may notice that your product isn’t getting cleaned as quickly or the surface looks different than normal. This can potentially be a sign of overheating. Since more energy is traveling through the optic, this can impact the results of your operations.

If contaminants aren’t being removed as quickly, you should immediately halt operations and inspect your optic. If the optic is cracked or damaged, you should contact Adapt Laser immediately. If the optic seems fine, you may need to contact our experts to troubleshoot the problem. We offer in-person and virtual troubleshooting assistance.


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