The Adapt Laser Difference: As Told by Our Applications Engineer 

The Adapt Laser Difference As Told by Our Application Engineer 

When it comes to cleaning your applications, you have a lot of options — from media blasting like sandblasting or dry ice blasting, to other methods like acid dip tanks and plasma treatments. Yet, laser cleaning is the only option that, when used properly, is safe for your team, product, and the environment. Once you’ve established that laser cleaning systems may be the best option for your business, the next step is easy: finding a partner you can trust. Not all laser providers are the same — and we prove it.



From the moment you walk through our doors, you can feel it. From our relaxed — but safe — environment to the passionate people who run it, we strive to create a pleasant place that’s relaxed and efficient. How do we manage to do both? It truly comes down to the people who make up our Adapt Laser family.

We have one goal in mind — to find a laser solution that fits your needs, both from an operational and technical standpoint. And together, we make it happen. Our sales team identifies your needs while our application engineers test your product to find the right laser solution for the job. Once your laser system has been custom-built, our field engineers make sure it’s working appropriately — and, more importantly, ensure your team knows how to operate it safely.

And, unlike some other laser partners, we continue to provide support to your business after post-installation. That’s because when you partner with us, you’re joining our Adapt Laser family too. It’s exciting to find the right laser solution for your needs, and our people make the journey a smooth and fun one.


The average person has never heard of cleaning lasers and — while we’re aiming to fix that — their only exposure has been to cutting lasers or movies or shows that feature lasers as a futuristic weaponry solution. This misconception typically leads to concerns about safety. How can the laser that blew up the Death Star be safe for your employees? How can lasers that cut out materials, also used to clean them?

The truth is that the lasers you see in etching projects or on the big screen aren’t the same lasers used to remove contaminants and other hazardous materials from your products. When used properly, our cleaning laser solutions are one of the safest forms of cleaning mediums in the market.

That’s because — unlike media blasting options — our lasers require no additional cleanup, safely remove hazardous coatings without a secondary cleaning process, and don’t require the full hazmat suit often worn to keep employees safe. Instead, our lasers only require training, protective eyewear, and a designated optical hazard zone — to prevent the risk of unprotected eyes from seeing the laser while it’s operating.

Your safety is our number one priority — which is why we spend time testing your laser solution and training your team on how to safely and effectively operate your system. With almost two decades of experience under our belts, we’ve yet to see any incidents. And, we’ll continue to provide thorough and diligent training to ensure we never do.


For more than 16 years, we’ve been helping businesses identify a better way to remove contaminants from their products, extend the lifespan of their applications, and safely remove hazardous coatings. In conjunction with our partner, cleanLASER — who has been in the laser cleaning industry for more than two decades — we’ve pushed the boundaries of what laser systems can do and created a variety of custom-built solutions that we could never have imagined. We’ve worked through hurdles, find solutions for them, and identified new opportunities that make it easier for you to streamline the cleaning process.

But, it’s more than our years of service that make up our experience. It’s also the people we work with. We’ve provided laser cleaning solutions for a variety of industries — from military and defense to automotive manufacturing. Each industry faces pain points in its internal processes, and one by one, we’ve helped our partners overcome them. We’ve seen a lot, which is why we know when to push the limits, cut through the red tape, and do whatever it takes to get the job done right.


Adapt Laser specializes in the know-how and application of laser cleaning solutions. We offer products with a range between 20 and 1,600 watts and provide training to ensure your employees can get the most from their laser cleaning solutions. We’ve equipped a variety of industries and companies with laser cleaning solutions — including military and defense for the US Airforce and Navy — and hundreds of organizations trust our state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions.

Contact us today or call (816) 466-5855 to find the right laser cleaning solution for you.