Applications Lab Testing and Customization

Applications Lab Testing & Customization

Adapt Laser Systems knows: when it comes to laser cleaning, there is no 1-size-fits-all solution. For that reason, we use our 15+ years of experience, thousands of system installations and customers as the starting point to identifying the best solution to your cleaning issue via laser testing. All of our knowledge starts with identifying the […]

Our Mobile Laser System The LightCase

Our Mobile Laser System, The LightCASE

Mobile laser cleaning systems are in demand in nearly every industry. While all of our laser cleaning units are capable of being mobile, the LightCASE was designed to allow laser cleaning in tight areas and of smaller components. Packaged for ease of mobility through tight passages on ships, the LightCASE is designed to meet the […]

US Air Force Laser Cleaning

U.S. Air Force Laser Cleaning

Adapt Laser Systems is proud to support the United States Air Force with handheld laser cleaning systems. Travis Air Force Base recently shared our lasers in use on their base describing the benefits and laser cleaning process. Watch the video above to learn more how we help our Air Force customers! If you are an […]

Handheld Lasers Listed On GSA

Handheld Lasers Listed on GSA

Due to popular demand by our government customers, Adapt Laser Systems has been awarded a GSA contract to allow for the purchase of the standard package CL1000AF and CL300AF handheld lasers along with our LFE-301AF filter unit for laser cleaning. If you are interested in the CL1000 or CL300 but the USAF variant is not […]