Handheld vs CompactEnclosed Laser Cleaning Systems

Handheld vs Compact/Enclosed Laser Cleaning Systems

Laser solutions can help you eliminate contaminants, prepare for bonding, and extend the lifespan of your products. They come in a variety of wattages — ranging from low to high-powered lasers. But, they can also be mobile or stationary. What is the difference between handheld and compact/enclosed laser cleaning systems? And, how do you know […]

Cleaning Lasers High Power vs Mid Power vs Low Power

High Power vs Mid Power vs Low Power

Our laser solutions are known for providing pristine cleaning and optimal mobility, but the most common misconception is that high-powered means a better laser solution than a low- or mid-powered solution. That myth causes a lot of misinformation and is the first hurdle we attempt to overcome in our sales process. But, if high-powered laser […]