How To: Changing Laser Cleaning Locations

Changing Laser Cleaning Locations

Your laser solution has been specially designed to operate most effectively in a particular environment. Whether you chose your designated optical zone to be in a temperature-controlled room where you could easily integrate locking mechanisms or you primarily operate behind laser safety curtains in a warehouse, the effectiveness of your laser solution relies on the consistency of the environment where you operate. But, sometimes, that location needs to change. What should you know before making the move?


Our laser cleaning solutions can work in a variety of environments, from moderately hot and humid to cold and dry. During the sales process, we consider your environmental requirements when building your laser so that we can account for those extremes and ensure your laser operates efficiently.

For example, a mid- or high-power laser operating in a humid environment will need different considerations than a low-power laser operating in a cooler environment. The laser in the humid environment will be at a higher risk of overheating as the increased output of energy will generate more heat, and the temperature of the environment will be unable to assist with keeping the laser cool. That means that you’ll heavily rely on the chiller to maintain your solution and may be expected to maintain the chiller more often than someone in a cooler environment with lower energy output.

Contact our team before changing locations to determine if your new location is the best fit. Our team can walk you through the different considerations to ensure you have a smooth transition.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when moving your laser cleaning solution is ensuring that your new location is as safe as your old one. To mitigate risks to your employees, a designated optical zone is required to operate your laser cleaning solution. Whether you’re using laser safety curtains, an enclosure, or other means to prevent back reflection from impacting anyone walking past, your space should fully abide by safety best practices.

An ideal designated optical zone will include an interlocking mechanism that prevents entry into the space when a laser is operating. This protects anyone who isn’t wearing laser safety glasses from entering. A well-designed enclosure will prevent the laser from operating when access panels or doors are open or when parts are missing.

Once your new designated optical zone has been set up, your certified laser safety officer should test the environment to determine that the space is safe for employees. This needs to take place before the laser solution can resume your normal cleaning process.


In some instances, you may need to transition a manual laser cleaning solution to an automated process. While a beam switch will make this possible for your laser system, environmental and operational considerations need to be evaluated before proceeding. As previously noted, your automated process should occur at a similar working temperature to prevent issues with your cleaning solution. You should test the humidity before moving your solution and contact our team if you have any concerns.

In addition to the environmental factors, integrating your laser cleaning solution into an automated process also requires setting up the laser appropriately. You should monitor the fibers for bending and test that your laser cleaning solution can move around without causing stress or bending during operations. Placement of the fibers and umbilicals may take adjusting to find the right angles and should always be monitored after use to prevent cracking and damage.


Adapt Laser specializes in the know-how and application of laser cleaning solutions. We offer products with a range between 20 and 2,000 watts and provide training to ensure your employees can get the most from their laser cleaning solutions. We’ve equipped a variety of industries and companies with laser cleaning solutions — including military and defense for the US Air Force and Navy — and hundreds of organizations trust our state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions.

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