5 Laser Application Add-Ons You Need for Your Solution

Laser Application Add-Ons

During the custom-build process for your laser system, we consider every use to ensure your system works optimally for your environmental and operational needs. And, while not all add-ons are necessary for your laser to work effectively, there are some to consider adding that will create an easier experience and make it quicker to troubleshoot if problems should arise. With various add-ons to choose from, figuring out which ones are best for your needs comes down to the benefits they provide.



As you use your laser cleaning solution, one such area that needs maintenance is the fibers connected to your resonator and optic. These fibers are covered in a polyurethane coating to protect them from environmental factors. If, however, they’re accidentally run over by a forklift or other accidents occur, damage to the fibers can take place.

Quick-swap fiber add-ons make it easier — not to mention quicker — to change out these fibers. By using a pre-aligned optical kit, you can retrofit the new fiber onto current resonators. This translates to less downtime in your production process and saves money on related costs. In some cases, you may simply want to move the optic or charge the optic to a new design. Because the quick-swap fibers are easy to do on your own, there’s no waiting for our experts to arrive on the scene — saving you valuable time and money.


When designing your laser solution, we talk through how you’ll implement laser cleaning into your production process. This helps us establish whether a handheld option or an automated laser system is better for your needs. Sometimes, your needs change after the purchase of a laser. Whether you’re looking to integrate automation into a portion of your operation or need to expand your automated capability to new part lines, a beam switch allows you to switch between both options.

While handheld laser solutions are optimal for specific, targeted area cleaning, robotics are more suitable for processes that involve repetitive cleaning. By adding a beam switch to your laser system, you can leverage laser cleaning on your line for optimal productivity — but still have the handheld option for one-off cleanings.


Buying a laser cleaning solution from Adapt Laser ensures that you get thorough training and a customized laser system for your needs. But, we also offer support packages to ensure your solution is always optimized for maximum productivity and effectiveness. From remote support to routine maintenance, our experts are available to assist you year-round.

With our remote support package, you can help identify issues and solve quick problems without an on-site visit from one of our experts — saving you money and preventing extensive downtime. While your team can do most maintenance, certain tasks require our experts to step in and help. With our maintenance support package, we send out our team members with no additional cost to you. Talk to our sales team about the different support packages available.


Similar to the quick-swap fibers, quick-change protection windows make it easy to exchange protection windows quickly if they become cracked or damaged. A dirty or damaged window can have a significant impact on your optics. If left unresolved, it can lead to overheating and expensive downtime.

With a quick-change protection window, you can efficiently replace the window if it becomes damaged during use. This minimizes downtime and prevents your optics from becoming damaged from overheating — saving you money and reducing the risk of various other threats.


Each laser solution comes with a sensor that identifies if something isn’t quite right. Whether a tubing has become bent or the protection window has cracked, there is a sensor that will alert you if there may be a problem. In comparison, the plasma sensor actively detects the ablation process results against a baseline and compares for relative assessment purposes. Then, it returns a signal to help you identify the area causing the problem.

The plasma sensor provides more insight than the sensor included with each laser solution. It assists in identifying potentially inadequate ablation. That means that you get a more accurate reading into what could be causing the issue — including if it’s a dirty protection window, change in the coating, or shift in robotic movements.


If you’re looking to up your laser cleaning game, talk to our sales team about adding any of these laser application add-ons to your system. We’ll talk through your needs to establish which add-ons are best for your environmental and operational needs. And, we can also offer various other add-ons not available on this list. Contact us for more information.


Adapt Laser specializes in the know-how and application of laser cleaning solutions. We offer products with a range between 20 and 2,000 watts and provide training to ensure your employees can get the most from their laser cleaning solutions. We’ve equipped a variety of industries and companies with laser cleaning solutions — including military and defense for the US Air Force and Navy — and hundreds of organizations trust our state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions.

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