Tire Mold Cleaning Using Laser Ablation

Before and After Tire Mold Cleaning With a Laser Cleaning System

Our laser cleaning systems have shown excellent results when removing residues from vulcanized molds and gives customers the option between a manually guided or robot-operated system. In an installed position, molds can be cleaned flexibly and comfortably with a hand-guided processing optic, while dismantled molds and segments can be processed particularly quickly using fully automated systems. Both methods are much faster and contain far less clean up when compared to traditional cleaning methods like dry ice blasting.

Applications Include:Automated Laser Cleaning of Tire Mold

  • Automated cleaning of tire molds while dismantled
  • Marking and labeling of mold components and tires
  • Manual cleaning of tire molds while dismantled as well as in the vulcanization press
  • Cleaning of steel molds for the rubber mold parts industry, i.e. O-rings
  • Bonding pre-treatment of metal parts for rubber metal parts production
  • Full-surface bonding pre-treatment of tire inner surfaces for the installation of run-flat structures
  • Bonding pre-treatment of tire inner surfaces for the mounting of air pressure monitoring systems and RFID sensors

Why Use Laser Cleaning For Tire Molds?

For automotive applications we have tailor-made systems for cleaning a variety of tools and molds. Over time, these parts become susceptible to the buildup of release agents, epoxies, and hard-to-clean residues. As more cleanings are performed the parts gradually lose their integrity and consistency, and the molds become less reliable. Traditional methods such as dry ice blasting or abrasives can clean the molds down to their bare materials—but not without threatening the key features of the mold itself.

Laser cleaning, on the other hand, is able not only to clean these parts without damage to complex geometries, but also in a fraction of the time as other methods. This means greater consistency in quality for the parts made as well as an increased longevity for the molds themselves. For manufacturers, the payoff can be seen in quicker cleaning operations, higher levels of production consistency and a reduction in maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

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Benefits of Laser Ablation Include:

  • Fast, efficient, and quiet
  • Environment and operator friendly
  • Causes zero damage to the substrate/mold
  • Choose between manual or robot-operated systems
  • Systems easily integrate into existing production processes
  • No blasting and cleaning media required
  • Complete suction and filtration of residual particles

With low, mid (which is seen most often with automotive applications), and high power options, we can help custom-build the laser cleaning solution that will best fit your application, facility, and operator needs. We work directly with our partner at cleanLASER in Germany to create the highest quality systems and have a full service and maintenance team who travel from facility to facility for annual maintenance as well as to help with any troubleshooting issues that may arise. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us here.


Adapt Laser specializes in providing the highest-quality laser cleaning systems available. Our systems come in both handheld and automated options making them versatile for different applications and surface preparation. We offer formal laser operations and safety training to ensure both you and your employees get the most out of their laser cleaning system. Over the past 15 years we have equipped numerous companies across varying industries with our state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions.

If you’re looking for a faster, totally unique industrial cleaning and coating removal process, contact us today or call (816) 466-5855 to find the right laser cleaning system for you.

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