Navy Carrier ship carries planes over the ocean

Adapt Laser’s CL600 is Navy-Approved

Last week, the Department of Defense released a memorandum approving the use of our CL600 laser cleaning system on non-nuclear ships and extending a limited approval for in-service aircraft carrier applications and de-activated aircraft carrier applications and submarines. The private memorandum included sections summarizing the background, discussion, reports and testing, recommendations, ongoing and future work […]

100w lightCASE on the floor with the OSH20 optic

100W lightCASE: Corrosion Removal In High Places

THE CHALLENGE To laser clean an active chiller that had developed a large amount of corrosion—enough to question the integrity of the underlying metal—prior to inspection and repair. The problem? This particular chiller was located on the 57th floor of a downtown Charlotte, North Carolina high-rise and included a lengthy amount of overhead work in […]

Historic conservation project photo of general shepherd's statue half laser cleaned

Historic Conservation of Bronze War Statue

In the town of Westfield, Massachusetts stands the statue of General William Shephard—a United States Representative and military officer—who protected the Springfield Armory during Shay’s Rebellion in the height of the Revolutionary War. Over the years, Shephard’s statue along with others in the area, had began to build up large amounts of corrosion making it […]