is laser cleaning safe

Is Laser Surface Cleaning Safe?

Every business has a responsibility to keep their employees safe. Not only is this standard upheld by individuals and unions, but it’s also required by federal requirements — like OSHA compliance. The gray line with safety falls into whether someone is trained on safety best practices and also if the persons in question are implementing the […]

laser cleaning safety basics

The Basics of Laser Surface Cleaning Safety

When cleaning high-value products — such as aircraft and military vehicles — there are a variety of options available. But, there’s only one option that is both safe for the person operating the cleaning tool and also safe for the material they’re cleaning. Laser cleaning provides a safer alternative to sandblasting, dry ice blasting, and […]

History of Laser Cleaning

A History of Laser Cleaning

Lasers have a variety of uses — from playing with a kitten using a laser pointer to cleaning corrosion from an F-35 jet with a high-powered cleaning laser. It’s easy to see how different types of lasers can provide different results, but what are lasers, anyway? The word laser often makes people think of scientific weaponry, the […]

laser ablation

What is Laser Ablation?

Whether your products are brand new or you’ve been using them for years, your equipment and other metal compounds can often have layers of contaminants seemingly stuck to the surface. This makes a large impact on the efficiency of your production line and equipment. But, cleaning your products isn’t as easy as blasting them with […]

Alternative to Plasma Cleaning

The Better Alternative to Plasma Cleaning

When thinking about how to clean rust, oil, and other contaminants from the surface of your armored vehicles, aircraft, and other operations, you may find that traditional methods of cleaning aren’t quite what you need. There’s a social pressure to be environmentally-friendly, and methods like sandblasting or paint strippers can be quite damaging. Methods like […]

paint stripper alternative

A Safer, Non-Toxic Alternative for Paint Stripping

Whether you’re looking to remove stubborn paint or paint that is hazardous — such as lead or chrome-based — there are a few solutions that can help. But, some paint removal options are safer than others. Blasting can be harmful to the environment, but laser technology provides a safer and more environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. What […]

Alternative to Dry Ice Blasting

The Better Alternative to Dry Ice Blasting

When cleaning products, the last thing you want is for the safety of your operator or your other employees to be compromised. But, the majority of cleaning methods — including dry ice blasting — come with risks. Laser cleaning provides a safer and quicker alternative. What are the differences, and how does laser cleaning work? WHAT IS […]

Mobile Laser System LightCASE

Our Mobile Laser System, The LightCASE

Mobile laser cleaning systems are in demand in nearly every industry. While all of our laser cleaning units are capable of being mobile, the LightCASE was designed to allow laser cleaning in tight areas and of smaller components. Packaged for ease of mobility through tight passages on ships, the LightCASE is designed to meet the […]

Handheld Laser Cleaner

Handheld Lasers Listed on GSA

Due to popular demand by our government customers, Adapt Laser has been awarded a GSA contract to allow for the purchase of the standard package CL1000AF and CL300AF handheld lasers along with our LFE-301AF filter unit for laser cleaning. If you are interested in the CL1000 or CL300 but the USAF variant is not quite […]