Stationary laser systems

Our standard multi-axis laser systems can also be fully automated and integrated into your production process. The systems come with a 20, 120, 500 or 1,000 Watt laser and a high speed scanning technology. The scanner functions are controlled by the integrated computer software.

An automation of the cleaning process is always recommended when high production numbers or precise applications are required.

Adapt laser systems offers mobile handheld units and automated systems for surface preparation. The heart of most of our automated laser systems is a powerful Nd:YAG laser. This power combined with our innovative high speed scanning technology opens a wide field of automated applications.
Adapt laser systems offers a variety of automated laser systems for many industrial applications. Our line of products ranges from off-the-shelf solutions to fully customized turn-key systems.
One way to automate the laser cleaning process is to attach the optical work head to a robot. This se

Technical data
Average laser power:20 to 1000W


  • BulletpointLaser Class 1 enclosure
  • Bulletpoint multiple sizes and configurations
  • Bulletpoint multi axis system and controller
  • Bulletpoint manual or automated loading
  • Bulletpoint stand alone or fully integrated cleaning solution


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