Laser Back Reflection

What is Laser Back Reflection & How Does It Impact Your Laser?

Laser ablation is one of the safest and most effective methods for cleaning products and prepping surfaces for bonding, welding, and coating. But, there are still some safety precautions that must take place when operating your laser solution. This includes laser safety glasses, participating in training, and creating a designated optical hazard zone. The reason […]


Buying Guide for Fume Extractor Filters

Fume extractors are essential for safely removing hazardous chemicals and other contaminants from your products. But, not all filter units are made the same. As the exclusive provider of TEKA filters in North America, Adapt Laser provides quality fume extractor filter units for your laser processing solutions. But, what makes them different? What are your […]

OSHA Requirements for Laser Cleaners

Tips for Meeting OSHA Laser Cleaner Requirements

When you purchase a laser cleaning solution from Adapt Laser, you’re required to appoint a laser safety officer. This person is responsible for ensuring that training occurs and that all safety regulations are met. One such standard is a yearly review required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). During this review, they’ll monitor how well […]

Changing Laser Cleaning Locations

How To: Changing Laser Cleaning Locations

Your laser solution has been specially designed to operate most effectively in a particular environment. Whether you chose your designated optical zone to be in a temperature-controlled room where you could easily integrate locking mechanisms or you primarily operate behind laser safety curtains in a warehouse, the effectiveness of your laser solution relies on the […]