Troubleshooting Your Laser Cooling System

Temperature widely impacts the performance of your laser solution — whether it’s from operational or environmental causes. That’s why each mid- and high-power laser solution (which generates more energy and therefore more heat) is customized and designed to include a water chiller to help keep your system cool and running as expected. But, as with […]


When Should You Change Your Laser Air Filter?

Your laser solutions require daily, monthly, and, sometimes, yearly maintenance. From changing the desiccant packs to monitoring the window protection, there are a few items to stay diligent with. While some parts can easily be cleaned for maintenance, other pieces need replacing. Such is the case with air filters. What happens if your air filter […]


3 Signs Your Laser Solution is Overheating

From a humid, outdoor working area to a cool, air-conditioned room inside, our laser solutions are designed to function in a range of environments. Yet, despite being designed for a range of elements, failing to maintain the system can cause the laser system to become damaged. As with other tools, our laser systems require some […]


3 Things You Need From a Laser Cleaning Provider

Realizing that a laser solution would be an ideal alternative for your cleaning needs is only part of the process. The next step is finding a laser cleaning solutions provider that can support your needs, shares similar values, and is a partner that you can trust. As with any service provider, not all companies are […]

FAQs Answered During Lab Testing

Questions Answered During Our Lab Testing

Before you’re ready to use your laser solution — and prior to it being customized to fit your needs — your product must first be tested in our on-site lab. Our lab testing is proven to identify whether or not laser cleaning is the right solution for your needs and which laser system is best […]

What is laser intensity

What’s Intensity & How Does It Impact Your Laser?

When deciding whether or not you want to purchase a laser cleaning solution, you’re likely to do research. During that research, you may learn about different jargon that comes with the territory. This includes terms such as pulses, optics, and intensity. While it’s easier to connect some words — like pulses — with their normal meaning, words […]

How to Troubleshoot Your Laser System

How to Troubleshoot Your Laser System

Laser ablation is one of the safest methods of removing contaminants from your products. But, to ensure the laser system is working properly, routine maintenance must take place — from maintenance after each use to bi-annual and annual upkeep. While some troubleshooting is easy to do on your own, other maintenance may need assistance from […]

lasers extend the lifespan

How Lasers Extend the Lifespan of What You Clean

From metal to non-metal products alike, the lifespan of your appliances can be impacted by the layers that coat them, and the methods used to clean them. This is especially true if you’ve been using media blasting options — such as plastic media blasting and sandblasting. That’s because abrasive cleaning methods can damage the substrate […]

laser cleaning substrate & coating

Laser Cleaning & Substrates/Coatings

If you’re familiar with using sandblasting or other media options when cleaning your products, then you know what to expect — a surface mostly void of contaminants, some slight damage creating a near-white finish, and secondary waste that you need to safely dispose of. The truth is that different media options impact your substrate and […]

List of Cleaning Options

Comprehensive List of Cleaning Options

Whether you need to protect your product or tool from rusting and oxides or you need to remove surface materials from composite parts before weld treatment, you need a cleaning method that does so efficiently and effectively. But, when it comes to choosing the right cleaning method for your business, there are many different options […]