Variety of Optics: Handheld

Collage of 1D Handheld Laser Cleaning Optics

The optic is the end effector of the laser and is what is used to transmit and manipulate the laser beam. Using the right optic is important, as having the wrong one or using it improperly can result in an inefficient clean and can be harmful to the substrate, the operator, and the environment. Our optics can be categorized in three ways: handheld, automated, and specialized/custom optics.



All of our optics ablate by distributing thousands of powerful pulses onto the substrate’s surface to sublimate the contaminant(s) without causing damage to the base material. These powerful, highly dynamic optics are integrated with scanning systems that allow for both handheld and automated applications. Our handheld optics are all one-dimensional and their compact designs allow enough space to add-on extra features including different suction nozzles and attachments.

The 1D optics are available for our laser cleaning systems in all power classes and are compatible with both manual and automated applications. Our 3 standard handheld optics are the OSH20, OSH50, and OSH80 optics as well as our newest handheld optic—the effiSCAN.

OSH20: Low Power

  • Designed for low power systems including the CL50, CL100 lightCASE, and CL200G
  • Compact head-size
  • Interchangeable focal lengths

Adapt Laser
OSH20 optic on its sideThe OSH20 optic has the smallest, most compact head of the three standard handheld optics (with the exception of the effiSCAN). Because of this, it’s the optic of choice for projects that involve a good amount of  maneuvering around the part, and is extremely ideal for activities involving historic conservation.

A longtime customer, Gordon Ponsford, has had recent success with an East Coast historic conservation project involving bronze statues from the Revolutionary War. Using our 100W lightCASE and it’s coinciding OSH20 optic,  Ponsford and his team have been using ablation to help bring these statues back to their original glory.

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The slim, extremely portable head will make it easier to guide around the part during the cleaning process, and if you’re needing a particularly precise clean, the OSH20’s small spot size is optimal. If there’s no need for a faster cleaning speed, as there would be on an assembly line or with multiple parts, a higher power laser cleaning system isn’t required, and the OSH20 is the ideal choice.

OSH50: Mid Power

  • Designed for mid power systems including the CL150, CL300, CL500, and CL600Adapt Laser
  • Ergonomically-friendly, lightweight housing
  • Focal length of 130-160mm
  • Integrated water cooling
  • Assortment of interchangeable nozzles

The OSH50 optic is extremely versatile, operator-friendly, and tends to be the first optic of choice used by our applications engineers during initial testing processes in our lab. Its design is one of the most operator-friendly due its lightweight housing and the mid power systems it pairs with, are known to strike the right balance between cleaning ability and overall cost.


Because the beam is especially easy-to-see, this is the optic of choice for any part that has somewhat of a complex geometry, like the transmission housing shown on the right. A handheld optic can also be a better investment over an automated optic in cases where there are multiple parts with different configurations to be cleaned.

This particular part shown has too much area for a lower power system and the OSH20 optic, but because of the complex geometry, it wouldn’t help to try and gain any speed by using a high power system and the OSH80 optic. Because of this, the OSH50 is a common happy medium.

OSH 80

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OSH80:High Power

-Designed for manual use with our CL1000 high power laser cleaning system

-Integrated suction channel complete with flow-optimized suction nozzles

-Display screen on the back

The OSH80 optic is designed solely for manual use with our CL1000 high power laser cleaning system. It has the largest optic head of the handheld optics, and is also capable of removing paint on larger areas than any other optic—improving cycle times.

The CL1000 is now being used by the US military in the Air Force, Navy, and Army. Specifically, we worked with airmen at Travis Air Force Base to provide them with a faster and safer way to remove paint and corrosion from their vehicles and equipment. Because of the thick contaminants and no need for high surface quality or precision, the CL1000 and its OSH80 worked perfect for the application.


The CL1000 and OSH80, are more geared for thicker contaminants and a part that doesn’t require an aesthetic or precise clean. The OSH80 is also great for larger area coating removals and for applications where speed is important.

THE EFFISCAN: Mid and High Power

Adapt Laser

  • Designed for mid power systems and our CL1000 high power system
  • Integrated E-stop
  • Super compact scanner with a scan speed of up to 40 m/s
  • 2-Step safety trigger to prevent accidental beam activation
  • Convenient, one-hand operation with the “Touch & Turn” control screen

Our newest handheld optic, the effiSCAN, was designed using customer feedback and some of the latest advances in laser technology.  The idea was to make a manual optic that was ultra lightweight and compact, without sacrificing on power.


The effiSCAN works well with paint stripping, surface preparation, and general de-coating applications. This is especially true if the part has a complex geometry or includes any angles that make it difficult for the optic head to maneuver around during ablation. Like the OSH50 optic, the effiSCAN is also designed to fit different nozzle and attachment options including a motion distance sensor, a roller nozzle, and a side handle. These extra attachments, the overall sleekness of this optic head, and the 40 m/s scanning speed help make this optic the most operator-friendly on the market.

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Adapt Laser specializes in providing the highest-quality laser cleaning systems available. Our systems come in both handheld and automated options making them versatile for different applications and surface preparation. We offer formal laser operations and safety training to ensure both you and your employees get the most out of their laser cleaning system. Over the past 15 years we have equipped numerous companies across varying industries with our state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions.

If you’re looking for a faster, totally unique industrial cleaning and coating removal process, contact us today or call (816) 466-5855 to find the right laser cleaning system for you.

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