effiscan handheld optic

The effiSCAN: An Ultra-Compact Optic

NEWEST HANDHELD OPTIC: The effiSCAN Along with our partners at cleanLASER, we’re continuously using customer feedback and advances in technology to update our laser cleaning systems to make them more operator-friendly and versatile. This extends to our optics, where one area of focus surrounded the size of the optic head itself, and how easy it […]

Laser professional talking in front of group with hard hats

Laser Cleaning Training: On-Site

Whether it’s your first time working with one of our laser cleaning systems or you’ve had one in operation for years, we highly recommend having your operators attend our laser certification training. Led by one of our laser professionals, this training takes place on-site at the customer’s facility and typically spans 2-3 days. A tailored […]