Air Force Operator Using Handheld Laser For ablation

Adapt Laser To Exhibit At Warrior East 2022

WARRIOR EAST EXPO WHAT: The Defense Industry’s Top Expo | For Networking, Training, And Product Demos WHERE: Virginia Beach Convention Center—Virginia Beach, VA—Booth #: 1424 WHEN: June 22-23rd, 2022 PRESENTED BY: ADS Inc Warrior East Expo is designed to equip the warfighter with advanced capabilities to optimize performance and improve readiness, while increasing lethality and […]


Safety Tip: Designate A Laser Safety Officer

Laser ablation is a safe and efficient method of cleaning especially when compared to more traditional processes like media blasting or chemical dipping. However, as with any complicated piece of machinery our laser cleaning systems do come with some safety hazards. This is why having a designated laser safety officer at your facility is strongly […]