Letterkenny Army Depot: Custom Laser Trailer

Adapt Laser

When it comes to paint, rust, grease/oil, or hexavalent chromium removal our laser cleaning systems are the ideal solution. For over a decade our lasers have been used at different US Army, Naval, and Air Force bases across the country for surface prep and coating removal applications. This year Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, PA purchased a CL1000 and made a request that was new for us—to create a custom trailer that can be pulled with a forklift and can hold the laser, the filter unit, and all necessary housing and tools.

Laser cleaning system on top of a black trailer

CL1000 Loaded On Trailer

Custom Laser Trailer

For this project we started with the people who know our laser systems the best—our service and applications engineers. After the drawings were mocked up we contacted a local fabrication shop, Valley Tech Fabrications, whose owner Garret then took over the project from there.

white fume extraction system on a black trailer pulled by a yellow forklift in a warehouse

LFE 401 Loaded On Trailer

The trailer was a complete custom job from start to finish that included adding e-track rails to ratchet the CL1000 and LFE 401 filtration system to the trailer for additional security during transport. Extra bars were added to hold spare housing, extension cords, and any other essentials needed when using the laser.

The whole idea is to have the trailer hooked up to a forklift so it can be transported across the base at a moment’s notice—ensuring maximum utilization of the system.

Past Work With Military & Defense


Laser ablation is ideal for applications like thick rust and paint removal, making it the perfect process to clean vehicles and equipment in the military and defense industry. Last year, our CL600 laser cleaning system—our highest mid-power option—was approved by the Department of Defense for Navy use. This included use on non-nuclear ships and extended a limited approval for in-service aircraft carrier applications and de-activated aircraft carrier applications and submarines. Other past work with the Navy includes the removal of hazardous paints from their warships.

Prior to the CL600’s approval, our laser cleaning systems have a well-established presence at multiple US Air Force and Army bases worldwide. Past work with the Air Force includes that at Travis Air Force Base, where their vehicles and equipment faced problems with large levels of corrosion build-up.

2 Soldiers Watch A third Use A Handheld Laser Cleaning System

Soldiers Removing Paint From Equipment

The Army has come to us with problems surrounding hexavalent chromium coating removal—a powerful anti-corrosive agent—due to it’s high levels of toxicity and presence on many large aircrafts.


Adapt Laser specializes in providing the highest-quality laser cleaning systems available. Our systems come in both handheld and automated options making them versatile for different coating removal applications and surface preparation. We offer formal laser operations and safety training to ensure both you and your employees get the most out of the laser cleaning system. Our headquarters is in Kansas City, MO but we have sales managers across the country who can travel to your facility for an on-site demo. Over the past 16 years we have equipped numerous companies across varying industries with our state-of-the-art laser cleaning systems.

If you’re looking for a faster, totally unique industrial cleaning and coating removal process, contact us today or call (816) 466-5855 to find the right laser cleaning system for your application.

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