Evolution of Laser Cleaning Technology

Evolution of Laser Cleaning Technology

Laser cleaning is the best option for removing contaminants safely and effectively from most metals and several non-metal products. It can be used to stop corrosion, treat products pre- and post-weld processes, remove hazardous coatings, and more. But, laser cleaning technology has come a long way since 1973 when J.F. Asmus first proposed that lasers could be used to clean artwork. With our partner cleanLASER, we’ve been adapting our laser systems to work optimally for a variety of needs.


For about a hundred years, scientists have been developing new ways to use laser technology. From medical innovations to cleaning, there are so many different methods for utilizing light amplification technology. When J.F. Asmus first theorized the use of laser technology for cleaning, he was restricted by the type of lasers available at the time.

Since the early 2000s, we’ve been working with cleanLASER to refine the laser cleaning process and implement it in a way that can be used on various metals and some non-metal surfaces to clean up pre- and post-treatments for bonding, coating, and welding processes, and to roughen surfaces safely. As a result, we’ve been able to help businesses around the world clean their products up to 15 times faster than other methods.


Early laser cleaning solutions offered two options — ion and flashlamp-pumped lasers. This restricted the time it took to clean metal products effectively, and only our low-power laser solutions were available. By developing a safe, handheld system that could both repeatably and quickly clean, cleanLASER was an early provider and demonstrator of the technology that could be used.

It wasn’t until 2006 that a diode-pumped laser system was launched, and we began offering our mid-power solutions. The addition of the mid-power laser unit design allowed for the beam to be delivered from much greater distances away from the laser source and produce far quicker cleaning rates — representing a large leap in the technological abilities. Today, our mid-power laser systems are some of the most popular lasers sold in North America.

For the next two years, we looked for better — not to mention faster — ways to clean larger products. At last, we developed the CL1000 laser cleaning application and entered the high-power category of laser cleaning. This category has the capacity to be one of the most popular going forward — one day surpassing the mid-power category as the most popular laser.

While the diode-pumped laser systems were providing better quality cleanings than previous options, we were restricted to the type of metals we could clean. That’s why our partner cleanLASER developed its own pump modules in 2012. These laser sources deliver the highest quality sources possible for laser cleaning. While many others attempt to purchase fiber lasers from less than reputable sources, cleanLASER continues to focus on designing and delivering the highest quality of beam-delivered lasers for cleaning and paint removal.


Thanks to the applications and pump modules that have been developed over the years, we’re now able to provide laser cleaning solutions to more industries than we ever thought possible. Every so often, we find new ways to utilize our laser solutions to clean products we didn’t think laser ablation would be suitable for.

With the assistance of our partners, we’re able to custom-build laser solutions for specific needs — from removing mold-release agents from baking molds to safely removing hazardous chemicals. And, with our multi-billion dollar laser testing facility, we can test various products to determine the right solution for your needs.


Adapt Laser specializes in the know-how and application of laser cleaning solutions. We offer products with a range between 20 and 2,000 watts and provide training to ensure your employees can get the most from their laser cleaning solutions. We’ve equipped a variety of industries and companies with laser cleaning solutions — including military and defense for the US Air Force and Navy — and hundreds of organizations trust our state-of-the-art laser cleaning solutions.

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