Invar Tool Cleaning

Adapt Laser technology is extremely effective for cleaning molds and tools used to manufacture composite and carbon fiberglass reinforced plastic parts. For that reason, our technology is used by most airplane manufacturers as well as many Tier 1 suppliers of the components. Molds made from INVAR, nickel, steel, aluminum, and high strength steel can be laser cleaned efficiently, without damaging the base material.

Our systems are not only effective, the technology is also the most cost-effective and one of the fastest alternatives for aerospace mold cleaning. Compared to ice pellet blasting, laser technology is easier to automate, very quiet, and up to 15 times faster. There is no comparison to abrasive pad cleaning given the quality and time issues associated.

Regardless of the surface area you need to clean, from a small tool to a commercial aircraft wing INVAR tool, Adapt Laser has the proven and perfect solution for you.