The Quick Disconnect Feature

quick disconnect attached to resonator

Until recently, a broken fiber optic would mean an immediate and unavoidable cease in laser operations. Your laser cleaning system would be out of commission until one of our trained laser service technicians could perform a fiber swap. Due to the fiber optic’s fragility, a fiber swap can take upwards of 10 hours—even when done by an experienced tech. But what if there was a way to swap out the fiber on your own? What benefits does this offer?


Using customer feedback and the latest technological innovations we’ve developed a quick swap fiber that can be switched out by someone other than a laser service professional. This quick swap fiber—i.e., the quick disconnect—eliminates the need for one of our trained technicians to execute the swap, which can drastically reduce the duration of potential shutdowns. All of our new mid and high power laser systems can be designed with a quick disconnect option.

As with the entirety of your laser system, your specifications will be sent to cleanLASER, our partners in Germany, where they will create your tailored laser system based on your application needs. If you choose to add the quick disconnect option to your laser system, they will pre-package your additional fiber optic and other necessary supply lines and cables into a ready-to-install cable package.  When your current fiber optic is damaged, this pre-packaged cable unit will be ready for you to replace it with the old one. This saves hours of time as it forgoes the need to have one of our laser service techs carefully couple and align the fibers.

hands holding wires on quick disconnect

  • Ease-of-replacement allows for a non-trained laser professional to swap fibers
  • Confirmation LED light to indicate a successful fiber coupling
  • Sturdy metal socket to protect the fiber against mechanical impacts
  • Sealed fiber head to protect against dust intrusion and moisture
  • Available as a single outlet or as a beam switch configuration


The fiber optic is one of the most delicate and easily breakable components on your laser system. Because of this, we have an umbilical housing unit that provides protection against external forces, while still ensuring flexibility and ease-of-use. While chances are low of your fiber optic breaking, one way you can be absolutely prepared is by utilizing our quick disconnect option.  A quick disconnect offers time and cost savings, eliminates the risk of the fiber popping during the aligning process, and negates the need for a trained laser professional to perform the swap.


  • Expertise: Instead of waiting on one of our experienced laser technicians, any of your trained personnel can now swap the fiber optic, all that’s needed is a short training session with your vendor’s commissioning expert.
  • Time: Prior to the quick disconnect, a fiber swap would take anywhere from 8-10 hours—and that’s with the most experienced and skilled laser professionals performing the swap. Now, anyone can use the quick disconnect with ease, decreasing any potential shutdown times to just 1-2 hours.
  • Risk: Even in skilled hands, fiber optics can be challenging to work with due to their fragility. A slight miscalculation in the alignment or positioning of the fiber coupling can cause the fiber to “pop” or be damaged during installation. If a fiber pops, it will have to be replaced altogether and the process will start again. The quick disconnect eliminates that risk altogether.



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