Mold cleaning with laser power

Vulcanizing, composite layup or injection mold cleaning is a widely used application for laser cleaning.
Laser mold cleaning technology is a superior alternative to conventional mold cleaning techniques due to the laser systems ability to clean molds without damage to the mold or surrounding equipment, the thorough removal of contaminants and the very low operating cost.

Our laser cleaning systems allow you to clean molds at their operating temperatures, on-line and in place. There is no need for a cool-down period or a dismantling of the press. Laser mold cleaning will not damage or contaminate working machinery or equipment. This prevents long and costly disassembly and re-assembly step prior to and after cleaning. Work can be carried out directly in production lines with very short set-up times. The optical fiber configuration allows for easy laser cleaning of parts that are difficult to access.

Our laser systems combine power, mobility and versatility with the lowest operati


INVAR tool for composite parts.


Mold for rubber boots.


Manual mold cleaning with CL300


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