Laser Mold Cleaning

Laser cleaning technology thoroughly removes contaminants without damaging the surrounding machinery or equipment.

It’s also versatile enough to work on a long list of surfaces and a wide array of tools, such as:

  • Dies
  • Tire molds
  • Baking molds
  • Injection molds
  • Rubber seal molds
  • INVAR molds for composite parts

Our solutions also allow you to clean molds without needing to dismantle the setup and move to an additional area. In addition, if there is a large enough opening, our cleaning systems can get the job done at the mold’s operating temperatures, so there is no need for a cool-down period after cleaning has been completed, minimizing downtime.

Get the work done directly at the production lines with short set-up times, easy cleaning, and little to no waste. As if that weren’t enough, you can get it all done at the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods.