Applications Lab Testing & Customization

Applications Lab Testing and Customization

Adapt Laser Systems knows: when it comes to laser cleaning, there is no 1-size-fits-all solution. For that reason, we use our 15+ years of experience, thousands of system installations and customers as the starting point to identifying the best solution to your cleaning issue via laser testing. All of our knowledge starts with identifying the specifics of the issue at all levels – not just the basics.

Once we have a thorough understanding, our team will begin to help find the most realistic, cost-effective solution for both your operational and technical needs. Every laser system purchase starts in our Applications Lab though with extensive laser testing, where we will begin to do a true engineering study to quantify not only how the laser works on your specific materials and contaminants but how we might begin to address these with our equipment. Only after we’ve identified and tested the technical capabilities can we begin to truly formulate how to deal with the full extent of the operational needs.

At this point, consulting with our sales team will allow us to apply the laser testing already done and our extensive knowledge and expertise to create the customized solution that delivers the most value to your business. In the end, know that our product offerings extend far beyond what we can show you on our webpage and there are always many solutions which we’ve applied before or may have ready.

Check out the images below to see some of the equipment that we keep around in our Applications Lab at all times to help identify how Adapt Laser Systems can deliver the best solution that is perfect for your operation:

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