Laser Paint Removal

Warfighting equipment is meant to go through war, and the coatings are meant to go through it while being in the worst environments – not to easily come off. Which is what makes it hard to strip and requires difficult to use cleaning methods.

Laser cleaning provides a safe and efficient way to remove the hazardous coatings from targeted areas on ships, planes, vehicles and equipment – without having to resort to time-consuming process of environmental protections or personal protective equipment.

Instead of setting up to remove the coatings with proper air filtration, blasting room, protective suits, respirators and protections for others, the laser, laser safety curtains and laser safety glasses are all that is required to remove these dangerous coatings – meaning in the non-climate controlled environments that our warfighters operate, the operator is able to safely clean without the cumbersome and uncomfortable PPE. The United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine has proven our handheld optics are a safe and effective way to remove hazardous coatings via our integrated suction channel – capturing all of the contaminants. Adapt Laser is the only approved technology to be safe for this application by the USAF.

When the cleaning process is done after using our solutions, clean-up and waste disposal requires only a small vacuum of the floor and abatement of the filter – otherwise, the part is clean and immediately ready for the next steps.