Small Area Laser Paint Removal

At Adapt Laser, we offer laser technology solutions that are ideal to remove paint / coatings from targeted areas of your assets. The technology works best with equipment and vehicles that require small area, localized cleaning for modification, corrosion control or other maintenance tasks.

Further, the United States Air Force has already approved and included our CL1000 as a processing technology for the small area cleaning on the Aircraft Ground Equipment. All other branches are in the process of putting the technology in a specification also.

Whether the area is inches or a few feet, our laser cleaning solutions offer a complete cleaning method – both the cleaning and clean-up is all done in one step with the handheld optic. Through the process of laser ablation, the coatings are removed to the bare metal without affecting the integrity.

Further, the technology can be used safely next to valuable electronics, other equipment or people not desired to be cleaned or affect, and our laser cleaning solutions will precisely clean the desired area without interacting or bothering anything around it. When contrasted to blasting, abrasives or needle gun cleaning, laser ablation is a far superior method of removing small area coatings.