Lasersystem CL 20 / 50 / 100

The versatile micro laser systems

The CL 20, CL 50 and the CL 100 are air-cooled q-switched pulsed laser systems.

Compact and versatile, the CL 20, CL 50 and CL 100 are designed for the cost-effective treatment of small areas that require gentle high precision cleaning, de-coating and other surface treatments.

The basic system consists of the laser source, with controls and cooling, a fiber optic for beam delivery and a processing head. A simple main power supply is used for operation with a very low energy demand.

No other media is required for treating parts. These laser systems are easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free.

Availability: 8 to 10 weeks

Technical data
Average laser power:up to 100 Watt
Electrical requirement: 115 or 230V


  • BulletpointCompact laser module in 19" design Quiet cooling system
  • Bulletpoint Internal control electronics with various interfaces
  • Bulletpoint Optics with large operating distance (up to 20"
  • Bulletpoint Flexible fiber optic beam delivery up to 12 ft
  • Bulletpoint 110V


  • Bulletpointrack system
  • Bulletpoint rack cooling
  • Bulletpoint Fiber-Fiber Coupling
  • Bulletpoint 1-D or 2-D optics

compact 19" design


CL 50 with air conditioned housing


CL 20 with 2-D optic in Road Star Cabinet


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