Lasersystem BackPack CL 20

Ultra portable Laser System

From the US Supreme Court Building, to an aircraft wing, or work in remote areas, the backpack laser is made to go almost everywhere. The CL 20 Backpack features a 20 Watt diode pumped laser source with a range of adjustable beam and power settings. The laser is mounted to a backpack frame making it comfortable to carry and ease to move around.

This super portable 20 Watt laser is well-suited for small area treatments and for gentle cleaning of historic surfaces. With its rechargeable battery pack, this laser can operate completely cordless, or on 110V

Availability: 8 to 10 weeks

Technical data
Average laser power:20 Watt
Length x Height x Width:8 x 26 x 14 inches
Weight:25 lbs
Electrical requirement: 115V or 230V or Battery


  • Bulletpointdirect power supply and quick-charger unit for batteries
  • Bulletpoint Unique backpack frame mounting system with protective cover
  • Bulletpoint OSH 20 handheld laser optic with large operating distance (up to 10")
  • Bulletpoint Beam delivered via 6 ft fiber optic
  • Bulletpoint Remote control box


  • Bulletpointadditional battery packs
  • Bulletpoint various focal distances available


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